Sunday, December 10, 2006


Blog.. from successful Indian software (Java Infra) products' entrepreneurs!

Finally.. a blog from successful software products' entrepreneurs! Jay and Vijay Pullur, founders (now CEO and CTO) of Pramati technologies, have started their blog- "Software (Ad)Venturing- Reflections on software, innovation and entrepreneurship".

Looking at the first few posts, lookslike the theme is going to be the new web and the applications infrastructure trends therefrom. Not surprising given that Pramati is a pioneer in Java based applications infrastructure products. (Not many know that Pramati started off with a Product for "Java enabling HTML". Back in 1997-98. This was very similar to what is now JSPs!)

The Indian software industry is highly regarded world-wide (recently came across first hand situations where the large Indian software companies now help companies evolve their IT strategies and enterprise architectures! Compare thsi with even a few years back, when these same companies couldnt even directly influence an App Server decision!). But, the industry is still predominantly services focussed. Very few companies have ventured into software products. And even fewer have ventured into Infrastructure products space. And even even fewer have ventured from India! There are many comapanies that are started by Indians, but from bay area. Driven from the valley, with just the development happening in India. Not too different from any other company with offshore operations.

There are just a handful that have a product built, marketed, sold and supported from India! Pramati stands out, as the most widely known among such companies! (Need I say that I am very very proud of this, given my long association with Pramati! :-) ).

This blog must be interesting. Hearing from two "(ad)venturous" techies. Hopefully, sharing a glimpse of where some of these technologies (and possibly Pramati products) are heading. Do check it out-

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Clayton Christensen @ TiECON EAST 2006

A very interesting keynote address was given by Clayton Christensen at TiECON EAST 2006.

At a special reception at TiECON East 2006, Prof Christensen spoke about his research and on ‘How to tell if a business idea will succeed or fail’.

In the first part of his talk, Prof Christensen talked of a model he developed as a part of his research, which has two elements; one, any business has a trajectory of improvement and second, that every market has a different trajectory of movement. A company can move up its trajectory with simple year to year improvements and still be of tremendous incremental value to customers. That is, small innovations can bring great satisfaction.

He discovered that the innovation did not have to be groundbreaking but it is enough that there is innovation to ensure that the company stays competitive.

Full article can be read here.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


VC decay

Some thoughts on the the decaying VC industry are here.
They got triggered because of this.

I think bootstrapping has become all the more easy because some of the reasons stated in the post.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Hyderabad metroblog- LIVE now

Finally.. we have our own Metblog. Metroblogging-Hyderabad. Check it out at- The blog is a multi-author blog, as part of the worldwide Metroblogs grouping. Hyderabad now joins other cities with its own metroblog. Where we will share views and news from/of/for Hyderabad.

Interested in contributing? Can apply using:

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Now is the time....

.. to start venture... thats what Business2.0 latest edition reveals..

In the late 1990s, a typical VC-funded startup needed roughly $10 million to amass the infrastructure and staff required to carry the company from its first business plan to its first product launch. Today that cost has been reduced to just $4 million

This has been seconded by Bnoopy's post (An old post though)..

With reducing barriers and increasing opportunities...time to embrace entrepreneurship is coming close!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Are your ready to take the plunge?

Madhu Menon of Shiok was interviewed by Economic Times in February this year where he talked about his trasition to a restaurateur from an IT man and shared ideas on what needs to be considered before taking the ultimate plunge.

Many of our fellow bootstrapper are in ideation stage so they should find it useful. Here is the link to a post on this by Madhu.


Bootstrap Bootcamp at Austin which focuses on Austin News has a story which has inputs from our very own Bijoy and fellow Austin boostrapper Tina. Tina is now on to her second bootstrap. She took the first plunge when she started YellowFin.

This story is a build up to the Bootstrap Bootcamp that Bijoy will be facilitating on 19th May 2006.

Check out the article and know how Tina took the first plunge and how Boeing is using bootstrap approach of "First Demo and then Sell" for Boeing 77.

Friday, May 05, 2006


Technology focussed StirrMixer event in Hyderabad?

Came across this interesting movement in the bay area-

They have two main monthly events- Stirr Mixers and Stirr Founders Table. The Stirr Mixers event is interesting (apart from the fact that I just love the name Stirr Mixers- given my deep interest in spirirts :-) ). This is where technologists, entrepreneurs, tech bloggers/journalists and investors can all meet up. The common ground being technology.

This is not too different from what we have set out to do at BootStrappers Hyderabad. While BootStrappers is more about just-start ing-startups, we do stronglybelieve that having it as a technology group will probably help promote more entrepreneural buzz in Hyderabad.

How about a BooStrappers' StirrMixer here? We can have one of the pubs host it. Say on a Saturday 11am? Can be pure dutch event- everyone pays for what they order. Can have a brief tech talk followed bty discussions.

What say?


At STIRR our goal is to catalyze entrepreneurial activity in the SF Bay Area and beyond.

STIRR currently hosts two monthly events that help make things happen:

Our Mixers are open to everyone in the tech community (stealth-mode folk, startup-savvy engineers, journalists/bloggers, connectors and investors). Stirr Mixers are not sit-down-and-listen events, we want people to stand up, interact, socialize and swap thoughts/ideas. At Stirr mixers we provide an opportunity for early stage entrepreneurs to present ideas to their peer group

At our Founder's Table dinners we host up to 8 startup founders (and former founders) to discuss business challenges and forge relationships. This is a limited space event held once a month in both South Bay and San Francisco locations.

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